Rugby Defensive Wheelchairs

The Defensive Rugby Wheelchair has been extensively developed through collaborating with customers and athletes.

Our rugby defensive wheelchairs are well known for their strength, speed and smooth running action.

These chairs has been specifically designed with tetraplegics in mind. This includes the top of the wheels being closer to the body than the side guards along with rubber coated Schmicking push rims for easy pushing. They also offer seat slings that get you as close to the axle as possible.

They have an aluminium and titanium detachable bumper. Designed for picking with strength.

The chairs have 4 caster wheels each with 3 bearings and are fully adjustable to allow you to set the anti tip. The front 2 caster tubes are set into the main down tubes for maximum strength. The rear ones come with tube guards to stop others blocking you.

The rugby defensive wheelchairs are finished in brushed aluminium, are built according to international rules and are fit for use in all competitions.

Brushed Aluminium
24" 540 / 26" 559 / 26" 590 / 28" 622
Sch. Full-on1/2” 24mm / Quick Release
Tubular Saalsport Sch or Tufo
Polycarbonate / Aluminium
Rubber coated in red
16º / 18º / 20º / 22º
Fully Adjustable front and rear
Round (STD) or Angled
Bespoke Height
560 or 480mm
Carbon Small / Med / Large
Bespoke +/- 30º
Straight / Narrow / Wide
With or Without Short / Med / Long
Plain / with Straps / Aluminium Sides
Adjustable with +/-30-40mm Sag
Standard up to 80kg or reinforced to 150kg
40mm Standard Foam or custom
Bespoke Feet / Thigh / Waist / Flexible Chest