Racing Hand Bikes

Black or Silver Anodized
Below 12.9 Kilo
550 or 600mm*
460 to 600mm*
60 to 200mm*
2 Bearing Schmicking
210 or 230 mm *
155 to 185mm *
210 to 350mm *
35 mm or 40mm half plate *
12º or 24º
100 mm with Bumper *
1.0 to 1.3mm
1.5 to 1.8mm
300 to 460mm*
-20 / -40 / -60mm
Schmicking Anodized Long Headset
4 Steel Cage
Hard or Soft
48/34/20 or 53/39 or 52/42/30
26” 571mm Schmicking Double Walled aluminium alloy
Schmicking Black Race Hub
26” 571mm Schmicking Double Walled aluminium alloy
Schmicking Carbon 25mm Hollow Axle
Knife Edge / Race
DT Swiss Prolock
Continental GP 4000 with reflective band
Shimano XT 11-36 MTB
Shimano XT MTB
Shimano Ultegra STI Dual Control Brake/Shifter
Mounting post bolted to Right Side of Fork
Shimano XT MTB
Direct Thumb Shifter
On Chainset Derailleur
Shimano Ultegra Caliper Rim
Left Hand Pedal
Shimano 105 Rim Brake
Shimano STI Dual on Fork
seat and backrest cushion, ultralite racing draftbar, mirror,bottle holder, speedo post, bell, flag, headset tool, spare damper, spare outer cables, spoke reflectors, pocket toolkit including mini pump, maintenance CD
Ltr Bottle Holder, Speedo Post, racing mirror
£ 5400 excluding sales tax and shipping, approx.
* Made to measure