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Hand Bikes

Thomas Schmicking made his first handbike in 1999 it was the S1. Thomas used vast experience from wheelchair users and also developing and making wheelchairs to develop his first bike. The handbikes were tricycles, with a drive wheel at the front and two rolling wheels at the back.

Schmicking Reha Technik has been heavy involved with the German National Hand Bike Team. Over the years they have learnt from each other.

Today’s handbikes have come along way since the S1s. The ground clearance has got lower, the weight of the bikes has decreased, the aerodynamics has improved and the styles have changed.

Our handbikes are bespoke, made to measure and built for your style of riding. So whether you want to race, ride around town or go off-road we have the bike for you.

Certain bike parts are custom made such as footrests, handpedals and crank arms. They are all heat treated and anodized.

The race handbikes come with 571 rims and the mountain bikes come with 559. However, we can make bikes using 622. Our rear wheel hubs offers an inhouse design which uses 25mm axles to improve strength, running and stability.

The latest development from Schmicking is a UK mounting post for the mirror. Its built for the right hand side of the bike. It’s a small piece of equipment but it’s part of our attention to detail.

We also offer mudguard-fixing points on our frames and forks. Again developed after consultations from UK customers.

We use many standard bicycle parts including tried and trusted manufacturers such as Shimano, Sram, DT Swiss, Tune, Rohloff, Tektro, Magura, Schwalbe, Tufo, Continental, SRM and Berner.

Over the years we have developed adaptors to improve the performance of the standard parts.

We have developed cable rotation systems, to prolong the life of the bike cables. Hand Bikes can also be customized.

We offer a range of chainsets not only to suit each bike but also to suit your ability. For example, many of the racers choose to have 2 rings 53/39 rather than the usual chainset of 3 rings. In a 3 ring chainset the smallest has a 20-tooth ring. We know that in certain parts of the UK you will need to get up hills, so we offer you the 20-tooth ring, the granny ring is standard.

Our wheels on all handbikes are built in house by three guys who have over 60 years of wheel building experience between them.