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Everyday Bike Overview

Overview of Schmicking Bespoke Everyday or Touring Hand Bike

Why Bespoke and not off the peg?

  • to get the correct seat width to keep you snug without pressure on your hips or backside
  • to get the backrest position based on you allowing you to adjust for maximum comfort and power
  • to get a backrest suited to your size and shape
  • to get an adjustable bottom bracket at the right height and distance from you
  • to get crank arms suited your shape, ability and riding style
  • to get footrest made to fit your riding shoes
  • to get hand grips that fit

The Everyday or Touring bike is a made to order recumbent hand bike designed for everyday riding. The bike has a ground clearance of 120 mm (Race is 80 and MTB 200 mm) allowing you to road or trail ride without grounding out.

The top of your head will be over 800 mm from the ground, giving you much more visibility than a racing bike.

This is a bike designed and built around you.

The bike is heat treated post welding, including crank arms, hand pedals, backrests and footrests. The heat treatment stabilizes and strengthens the aluminium tubes and welds.

You have a choice of shifting systems to work with 10 speed cassette (11-36) and 20/34/46 chainset.

The bike comes with 50 mm made to measure seat cushion, flag and mount, bottle cage, mirror, bell and draft bar.