Badminton Wheelchairs

Schmicking Badminton wheelchairs are ideal for the fast speed and agile nature of this sport. The chair has been designed with maximum maneuverability in mind.

The chair is lightweight and easy to control.

It is a made to measure, bespoke chair.

It is made with T7020 Aluminium.

There is the standard 4-stage heat treatment.

Badminton wheelchairs are finished in brushed Aluminium.

All upholstery is made on site in the Upholstery Room.

Brushed Aluminium
24" 540 / 26" 559 / 26" 590 / 28" 622
Sch. Full-on1/2” 24mm / Quick Release
Tubular up to 20 Bar
Schmicking Saalsport or Tufo
Rubber coated in red
16º / 18º / 20º / 22º
Fully Adjustable front and rear
Carbon Small / Med / Large
Bespoke +/- 30º
Straight / Narrow / Wide
With or Without Short / Med / Long
Plain / with Straps / Aluminium Sides
Adjustable with +/-30-40mm Sag
Standard up to 80kg or reinforced to 150kg
40mm Standard Foam or custom
Bespoke Feet / Thigh / Waist / Flexible Chest